Individual Services

Tax Return Preparation
From $100

If you are confused by your taxes or have a lot of questions it's probably a good idea to go ahead and get a pro on your side.

Tax Planning

Tax planning includes making financial and business decisions to understand future tax implications.

Tax Return Review
From $50

Make sure your tax returns are prepared correctly to avoid any issues with IRS.

Amended Tax Returns
From $150

Fix your past and current tax returns to maximize your return and avoid IRS issues.

IRS and State Audit Representation
From $100

Received a letter from the IRS or state authorities? If you are confused by the letter or the action required, we can act on your behalf.

Help To Get an ITIN Number
From $250

We will prepare all necessary documents for receiving an ITIN from the IRS.

Remote Service
From $100

All our services are available remotely, removing the need for you to show up
at our offices.

Business Services

Open New Company
From $500

Registration of new business in all US states.

Business Income
Tax Returns
From $350

Business tax returns can be a complicated and tedious process.
We can take it off your hands.

Computerized Bookkeeping
From $500

The system includes faster and more efficient record-keeping, automated invoicing and cost savings.

Sales Tax Services
And Returns
From $50

This service includes the registration
of a Certification of Authority and
monthly/quarterly/yearly sales tax report.

Payroll Tax Services
And Returns
From $200

We provide payroll services and returns for small business with less than 2 employees.

Preparation of
1099-NEC Forms
From $35

Take the headache out of preparing your subcontractor income forms.

Year Round Consulting

Our consultation services are available for all your business tax needs, year round.